Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


Mrs Mounsey  

The Owls


 Mr Booles

The Otters 


 Miss Dodworth

Teaching Assistant   



 Mrs Falconer

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Passingham

Teaching Assistant



 Mrs Cook

Teaching assistant


 Mrs Allsop

Teaching Assistant 






We spend a lot of our time in our bright and happy classrooms where we have lots of fun learning together. We also love to extend our learning into our outdoor area and especially like to investigate in the water area! In our classrooms, we have lots of exciting different areas for us to explore and learn in.

 We are always very busy in Year 2, enjoying ourselves and learning lots of new things!


Our school day always begins with a morning challenge. This might be solving a problem, answering a question or practising new skills we have learnt in the week. Our mornings are filled with Phonics, English and Maths! We do lots of speaking and listening in our learning and we will often be found working in pairs or in groups to talk about our work. Because of this, we are fabulous at working together as a team!

In the afternoons we enjoy lots of activities linked to our diverse and exciting topics. Our activities might be based around science, geography, history, art, design and technology or computing depending on our topic.

In Year 2 we love to show what we can do independently. Around our classroom, in our continuous provision, we complete challenges that are recorded in our own individual challenge booklets! Mr Booles and Mrs Yates love looking at all of the brilliant things we have written, designed and created.

We always try to do our best in all of our learning and we love to try lots of new things! 

Year 2 Expectation Booklet