At Brockwell Nursery and Infant School there is a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing for all. Philippa Smith is the Mental Health Lead in school and had completed training for this role through Trauma Informed Schools UK.

Our child-centred and nurturing approach aims to enable the children in our school to be the best that they can be in all respects and provides opportunities for them and the adults around them to flourish. 

Our promise at Brockwell is to-

'Be caring and Sharing,

Happy and helpful,

Being the best that I can be ' underpins all we do.

Our Growth Mindset approach to learning builds resilience and a 'can do' approach to all we do. The children also learn some mindfulness techniques to promote positive mental health.

The curriculum - PSHE Matters - helps us support all our children's mental health and wellbeing.  

Always having had a big focus on utilising our wonderful grounds and green outdoor space, we have introduced Forest School program, which all our children take part in throughout the year. This, along with developing many skills, enables the children to more easily connect with the natural world around them. The children also take part in gardening activities, which again helps this connection with nature.

We offer pastoral sessions for children, which happen 1-1 and/or in small groups. Examples of these include sessions through Nurture Groups, Positive Play and with our Early Help Officer. These help children build positive relationships, self regulate and develop emotional intelligence, whilst developing positive self esteem. This enables those children to learn, play and be resilient. It may be parents or school staff who request this support for children.

Our Provision Map of support provided for our children can be found here.

In partnership with parents we refer pupils who need additional support to health professionals for appropriate specialists support and treatment. These include School health, CAHMS, Elm Foundation and the Behaviour Support Service.

We make sure that the mental health and wellbeing of ALL school staff, governors and of parents and carers is as important as that of the children. Staff endeavour to model a positive approach to mental health and wellbeing and challenge negative attitudes.

We ensure that staff and children are protected by policies, values and attitudes including Wellbeing, Behaviour, Anti-Bullying, Safeguarding and SEND.

We are always looking at ways to further promote positive mental health and wellbeing.

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