Our school colours are red with black or dark grey.

We encourage all children to wear the school colours as this makes them feel part of the school community. We do have items of clothing with the school logo on which can be purchased in the school colours if you choose (see details below). However many choose to wear non branded High Street schoolwear.

There is the option of buying pre-loved items from the front of school where there is always plenty available for a donation of your choosing if you are able.

Items are available to buy from the school via Parentpay or the School Office (please click here for the Uniform Order Form)

  • School sweatshirt or cardigan: red
  • Fleece jacket: red
  • Polo t-shirts (white or red) with the school logo on

Items encouraged as our school uniform are:

  • Shirt or polo shirt: white or red
  • Trousers (including tracksuit bottoms), skirt or pinafore: black or grey
  • dress: red and white
  • Flat sensible shoes (no open toe footwear please)

PE clothing:

  • T-shirt for PE: preferably white
  • Shorts / jogging bottoms for PE: preferably of a dark colour
  • Plimsolls / trainers for outdoor use
  • Long hair to be tied back

Red PE Hoodies available to purchase directly from the supplier. Please click here