Sports Funding

Sports Funding

What is Sports Development Funding?

The London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games gave us a chance in a lifetime opportunity to inspire the nation to enjoy sport. The Government is determined to secure a lasting legacy from the games. Developing an enjoyment of sport and physical activity, and promoting a healthy lifestyle in children from an early age, are vital aspects of that. To support this every state funded school with primary aged pupils will receive an allocation of Sports Development Funding ring fenced for sport and physical education for the academic years 2013/2014 and 2014/2015. The amount of money will equate to £8,000 per school plus £5 per pupil.


Our school vision

Inspiring and engaging all pupils in physical activity and sport is a core value of Brockwell Nursery and Infant School. We understand the significant impact physical activity has on children’s development, including improvement in fitness, health and well-being, self-esteem, concentration and academic achievement. As a school, we work together to equip children with the knowledge of how to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. We believe active lifestyles help children develop a happy, confident and positive attitude towards all aspects of life. By providing exciting and new opportunities for children to experience physical activity, we hope to encourage a lifelong love of keeping active and healthy.


Use and impact of the Sports Development Funding

We plan to use the additional funding to support areas for development within our PE action plan as well as provide training opportunities for staff to improve the delivery of the variety of activities in the future.

In the year 2015/2016 our targets concentrated on:

  • assessing the progression and development of PE
  • offering more extra-curricular sport
  • providing more diversity in PE including participation in cluster events
  • providing an increased range of physical activity opportunities


We aim to meet out targets by:

  • providing more CPD opportunities for staff
  • taking part in PE cluster activities
  • engaging experts from outside of school
  • buying new equipment


Our school PE Coordinator is Mr Zac Booles


In 2014 – 2015, we took part in the following events:

Year 2 Fun to Run

Infant Agility

Rugby World Cup Festival

Winding Wheel Dance Festival


2015-2016, we took part in:

Year 2 Fun to Run

Infant Agility

Rio Carnival


 To download a PDF detailing our expenditure CLICK HERE


2017-2018 we took part in:

Balance Bike training

Scooter Smart

Infant Agility

Dance festival

To download the PDF detailing our expenditure CLICK HERE