Welcome to Reception.

Mrs Knight

The Hedgehogs

Miss Ball

The Fieldmice 


Mrs Littlewood

The Hedgehogs



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Mrs Margereson

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Our classrooms and our outside area are bright and busy places that are full of things to do. Looking around our classrooms you will see the things that we have been doing and making. We love to celebrate and share what we have done!

We learn through play and it is through play that we develop socially, emotionally, creatively, physically and intellectually. Maths, Literacy and a phonics session too, are usually taught during the morning sessions. Twice a week we will go into the hall for P.E which is great fun, especially when we use the big climbing bars! When it is warm enough we go outside for P.E! In the afternoons we do different topic activities, dough disco, handwriting and music.

In our classrooms there are lots of different activities, linked to the topics we are learning. These activities help us to learn new skills and practice and embed what we have been taught. Sometimes we work with an adult, in small groups or pairs and sometimes we work independently, depending on the job that needs doing. Whatever it is, we always have lots of fun and there is always lots to do!


Reception Target Book