We follow our policy review cycle and all polices are agreed by our Governing Board.


Curriculum Policies

Art Policy

English Policy

Design & Technology Policy

Geography Policy

History Policy

ICT Policy

Maths Policy

Music Policy

PE Policy

PSHE Policy

RE Policy

RSE Policy 

Science Policy

 Teaching and Learning Policies

Admissions Policy

Assessment Policy

Attendance Policy

Charges and Remissions Policy

Classroom Visit Policy

Climate for Learning Policy

Collective Worship Policy

Drugs Education Policy 

Off-Site Visits Policy

Equalities Differences and Cohesion Policy

Feedback and Marking Policy

Gifted and Talented Policy

Homework Policy

Liaison and Transition Policy

Library Policy

Partnership with Parents and Community Policy

Report Writing Policy

Behaviour Policies

Behaviour Policy

Addendum Behaviour Policy June 2020

Exclusion Policy

Positive Behaviour Support Policy

SEND Policy

Parent Code of Conduct Policy

GDPR and Data Protection Policies

Computer Disaster Recovery Plan

Data Protection Policy

School Surveillance and CCTV Policy

Off Site Working Procedure

Workforce Privacy Notice

Pupil Privacy Notice

Retention Policy

Safeguarding Policies

IT Security and Acceptable Use Policy

Accessibility Plan

Anti-homophobia Policy

Anti-bullying Policy

Anti- bullying leaflet written for children by children

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022

Child Protection Policy

Addendum Child protection Policy April 2020

Education Child Protection / Safeguarding Policy June 2020

Derby City and Derbyshire Threshold Document

'Lockdown Lens' For Schools: Safeguarding Children in Derbyshire 2020

External Contributors / Speakers Guidance Policy

Intimate and Personal Care Policy

Online Safety Policy

Peer on Peer Abuse Policy

Private Fostering Policy

Separated Parents Policy

Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation

Early Help & Safeguarding Cases Report for Schools


Health & Safety Policies

Administration of Medicines

Fire Drill

Health and Safety Policy

No Smoking Policy

Road Safety Policy

Personnel Policies

Appraisal Policy

Authorised Leave of Absence

Coaching Policy

Staff Code of Conduct

Competence Policy

Complaints Procedure

Confidential Reporting Policy

Contracts of Employment Policy

Staff Development Policy

Disciplinary Procedure Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

Grievance Policy

Harassment and Bullying Procedure

Maternity, Paternity, Parental and Adoption Leave Policy

Pay Policy

Performance Management Policy

Recruitment and Selection Policy

Redundancy and Restructure Policy

Sickness - Management of Sickness Absence

Staff Wellbeing Policy

Stress Management Policy