We endeavour to ensure that both your and your child's time here at Brockwell is a happy one. We very much value the positive relationship between home and school and welcome your feedback about how we can improve school life further.

If there is something that you are unhappy about, we hope that you will feel confident to be able to talk to your class teacher as the first point of contact. Following this, if you feel it necessary, a discussion will be held with the Head Teacher. At every step, we hope that we can work together to resolve any issues.

For formal complaints, the Head teacher will provide a copy of the County Council’s Complaints Procedure Document. This outlines the arrangements which will be made for a formal hearing of the complaint by the Governing Body, or, on appeal by elected members of the Local Authority.

If you are concerned about the school, the curriculum we teach or other related matters, there is a formal complaints procedure.

If you feel you wish to make a complaint, please find our procedure HERE

We also have a Confidential Reporting Code available HERE