Vision and Aims of our School

Our School Vision and Aims 

At Brockwell we are always:

Caring and sharing,

Happy and helpful,

Being the best that we can be.


Caring and sharing.

At Brockwell we nurture a common respect for all and our environment and look after everyone and everything in the best way we can. We care for one another and with our child centred approach create a school in which ALL want to share and participate.

Happy and helpful.

We aim to be inclusive and promote diversity. We have a safe, positive, and happy environment where all members of our school community can thrive, feel involved and be themselves. We work together, in partnership, for this common goal, whilst promoting the health and wellbeing of all.

Being the best that we can be.

We have high aspirations for all. We aim to build self-esteem, resilience, confidence, and independence through an exciting curriculum and stimulating environment, in our learning and all we do. We aim to be ‘Brockwell Perfect’. This allows us all to rise to challenges now and in the future in our ever-changing world.