Please find below copies of letters. Parents will have been emailed or notified by text to check the website.

Paper copies can be obtained by the office or your class teacher.

School Year 2023/24

School Update 17.05.24

Can You Help with our School Garden

School Update 10.05.24

NSPCC Speak out Stay Safe

School Update 03.05.24

School Update 26.04.24

Sponsored Walk Letter 2024

School Update 22.04.24

Start of Summer Term Letter 15.04.24

End Of Spring Letter 28.03.24

Joint Letter from Governors of Brockwell Infants and Junior School regarding School Drive 

Letter from Local Councillor regarding Parking

School Update 22.03.24

School Update 15.03.24

School Update 08.03.24

School Update 01.03.24

Start of Term Letter 26.02.24

School Update 09.02.24

School Update 02.02.24

School Update 26.01.24

School Update 19.01.24

School Update 12.01.24

Start of Term Letter 08.01.24

School Letter 15.12.23

School Update 08.12.23

School Update 01.12.23

School Update 24.11.23

School Update 17.11.23

School Trips 2023-2024

Start of Autumn Term 2 Letter 06.11.23

End of Autumn Term 1 Letter 27.10.23

End of Week Update 13.10.23

End of Week Update 06.10.23

End of week Update 29.09.23

End of Week Update 23.09.23

End of Week Update 15.09.23

Back to School September 2023

The Nursery Day - A Quick Guide

The School Day - A Quick Guide



School Year 2022/23

End of Summer Term 2  21.07.23

End of Week Update 14.07.23

End of Week Update & End of Term Details 07.07.23

End of Week Update 30.06.23

End of Week Update 23.06.23

End of Week Update 16.06.23

End of Week Update 09.06.23

Start of Summer Term 2 06.06.23

End of Summer Term 1 26.05.23

End of Week Update 19.05.23

End of Week Update 12.05.23

Curriculum Week Letter 22 -26 May 2023

End of Week Update 05.05.23

Sponsored Walk Letter

End of Week Update Email 28.04.23

End of Week Update Email 21.04.23

Start of Summer Term 1 Letter 17.04.23

End of Week Update Email 24.03.23

Big Spring Tidy Letter 24.03.23

Start of Term Letter 27th February 2023

End of Term Letter 17th February 2023

End of Week Update Email 10.02.23

End of Week Update Email 03.02.23

End of Week Update Email 27.01.23

Curriculum Week February 2023

End of Week Update Email 20.01.23

 Start of Term Letter 09.01.23

End of December 2022

Email to Parents 09.12.22

Scarlet Fever Letter 07.12.22

End of Week Update Email 02.12.22

Superhero Skills Trip to Brookfield School 06.12.22

Email to Parents 25.11.22

Letter from Ofsted 21.11.22

Email to Parents 18.11.22

PFA Activities Letter 

Start of Autumn Term 2 November 2022

Derbyshire Times Letter to Reception

Email to Parents 14.10.22

End of Autumn Term 1 October 2022

Autumn Disco 

Start of Autumn term 1 September 2022