Badger Club

A boy and girl are elected from each class to serve on the School Council for one year.

A meeting is held in each half-term where pupils can have a say in the life of the school.

Job Description - Badger Club Members

Badgers set the very best example of how to behave in school.

All Badgers MUST be:

  • Sensible
  • Kind
  • Friendly
  • Helpful

The duties of a Badger

All Badgers MUST:

  • wear their badger club jacket and hats at playtimes and lunchtime
  • care for everyone and everything
  • be available should anyone need an extra friend at playtimes.

In addition

Year 2 Badgers MUST:

  • lead the Reception children inside, in their lines, at the end of every playtime, one Year 2 child at the front and one at the end of each Reception class line
  • with the grownups permission, Year 2 Badgers bring children needing the toilet inside and then back outside again