Meet our Governing Board

At Brockwell Nursery and Infant school we have a very proactive Governing Board and we welcome our Governors into school regularly to either visit classes, meet with staff, conduct Learning Walks or to take part in training.

Our Governors hold regular meetings usually twice per term, where they discuss the general management of the school. When the period of office for a Governor expires, nominations / elections are organised as appropriate.




 Start Date  End Date  Committees  Other Governing Boards  Register of Business Interests

 Catherine Harris

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 Head Teacher 01.09.2015    Member (and Vice chair) of all committees No  No 

 Philippa Smith

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Co-opt Governor   01.09.2015 30.08.2019  -Finance, pay and personnel   No Deputy Head Teacher

David Gude

Vice-Chair of full Governing Board

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Co-opt Governor   17.03.2015 16.03.2019 

 - Finance, pay & personnel

- Health & Safety

- Governor Development Committee





 Melanie Edington

Safeguarding  Champion

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Parent Governor  01.10.2014  30.09.2019 

 - School Improvement

- Finance, pay & personnel

- Governor Development Committee

 No No 

 Simon Joiner

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Parent Governor   09.10.2013 08.10.2017 

- Finance, pay & personnel

-  Head Teacher Performance Management

Qoob Solutions installed Wireless networks within school  Wife (Julia Joiner) is a relief MDS 

 Steve Farnsworth

Chair of Governors

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Parent Governor  09.12.2015  08.12.2019 

- Finance, pay and Personnel

- Health and Safety

- SIP committee 

No   No 

 Jenny Dean 

Second Vice Chair

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 Parent Governor

SEND & Vulnerable children


 09.12.2015  08.12.2019

- Health and Safety

- SIP committee


Anti-bullying Lead Governor 

 No Also a member of our PFA 

 James Longmate

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LA Governor  08.03.2016  07.03.2020  - Health and Safety committee  No  No

 Karen Ball

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Staff Governor 


11.05.2017   - Health and Safety committee No   No 

 Charlotte Taylor

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 Co-opt Governor 12.10.2016  11.10.2020   - Finance, pay and personnell No   Also a member of our PFA 

Jon Gray

Co-opt Governor 17.05.2017 16.05.2021 No Also a member of our PFA 

 Nicola Hatton


Parent Governor

 17.05.2017 16.05.2021     No  

 Lisa Came



17.03.2015  January 2017 


Finance, Pay and Personnel 

No  No 

 Chris Slack

LA Governor  04.05.2015  July 2016 No longer a member of the Governing Board   Currently a member of Brockwell Junior school Governing Board  

 Joyce Baines

Co-Opt Governor  17.03.2015  December 2015  No longer a member of the Governing Board     

 Nicola Longson

Co-opt Governor  17.03.2015 



 No longer a member of the Governing Board     

 Laura Dymond

 Parent Governor  08.10.2012 September 2015  No longer a member of the Governing Board     

 Joanne Stewart

Parent Governor  10.10.2011  September 2015   No longer a member of the Governing Board     

Glynn Winnard 

Co-opted Governor  17.05.2015   December 2015  No longer a member of the Governing Board